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Our Solutions are supported by products from the following world class manufactures and Partners

LAN Cabling Solutions

R&M Switzerland.

Satellite Communications Services for Internet
KB Impuls Satellite Communications GmbH, Germany

Access Control Solutions
Automatic Systems S.A, Belgium
- Pedestrian and Vehicular Systems
HID Corporation, The United Kingdom
- Card/ key Fob and Reader based access control technology

IP & E - Surveillance Solutions

Baxall Limited ,U.K.
Topica Technology Company Limited, Taiwan ,R.O.C

All these are high quality hi-tech security cameras and CCTV Solutions.

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Scope of Services

SecureNet Technologies Limited deals in sales, installations and maintenance of Advance Integrated Security System (AISS) products for access, visitor, and pedestrian vehicular control, time and attendance, intruder detection, fire alarms, asset tracking, digital video recording and networking solutions under the following areas of integrated operations:


Passive Hardware for Structure Cabling Network solutions
Installation/Configuration on Clients’ request.
Technical Support/Warranty handling
TrainingPassive Hardware for Structure Cabling Network solutions

Total modular cabling solutions designed for voice, data, and video for building management systems. Cable testing services, closeting, patching and fiber optic cabling areSTRUCTURED CABLING also provided.

Local Area Network and Wide Area Network
Distribution/Retailing of guaranteed products,
Installation/Configuration on Client’s request,
Technical Support/Warranty handling


Local Area Network and Wide Area Network

This includes LAN MAN and WAN hardware installations such as Hubs, Switches, Protocol converters, bridges and Gateways. Network servers running Microsoft Windows, Novell Netware, Linux and UNIX based systems. In addition we can also provide networkNETWORK INSTALLATION peripherals such as print servers, CD ROM servers, firewall servers, mail servers, Internet and modem sharing devices.

Advance Integrated Security Solutions
Distribution/Retailing of guaranteed products,
Installation/Configuration on Client’s request,
Technical Support/Warranty handling

Advance Integrated Security Solutions

Complete WAN and remote access solutions, reselling & installation of remote access systems and WAN hardware such as routers, multiplexers, satellite communication antennas andWIDE AREA NETWORK security hardware/software etc. We also deploy VPN, VoiP, RF Radio, Vsat and Microwave solutions.

We provide consistence services by helping to identify opportunities in ICT strengths of organizations. SecureNet Technologies Limited equally gives professional advice to clients on their ICT /security requirements.



SecureNet Technologies Limited deploys the following solutions at ease using first class range of products that guarantees comfort and convenience. Our products are directly sourced from manufactures thus warranties are given on these products. Our solutions include Access Control, Intruder detectionADVANCE INTEGRATED SECURITY and technical Alarms, Digital Video Recording (CCTV + Cameras), Visitor Control, Card Reader & keypad.